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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Places To See Mowers


Use this forum to tell other site visitors about places where they can see old lawn mowers. This can include museums, events, gardens open to the public, books, newspaper and magazine articles, TV and film.

Follow the Signs!

Our new formal museum brown signs are now in place & with a mention on Radio 2 Jeremy Vine show (7.2m listeners) I am sure its going to be a busy Bank Holiday weekend for us.

We usually have around 50+ mowers on display together with many other vintage horticultural items, our Atco Centenary display is gradually being replaced by this years feature 'Mowers & Sport'.

Whilst I am not on duty every day, if any member plans a visit & can give me notice I will endeavour to give a tour including a look behind the scenes.

How about here instead

With the AGM at Milton Keynes cancelled, I'm going to start this thread for the members that had got excited to exibit there machines, be it in the general display or for the 'Themes' that were mentioned in the latest grassbox.

I'll start with some photos of the edgers and trimmers I was looking forward to bringing along.


Webb Trimmer without the top cowl as awaiting transfers.

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