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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers



Use this section for technical discussions, such as sources of spare parts, paint colours, engine settings and so on.

Dennis history , please


I will be grateful if someone with Dennis knowledge can put rough dates against the following changes / features .

The change from individual handles to the connected pram  handle.

The change from the crank handle shaft passing through the oil tank and one crank position on the timing gear cover to the two crank positions on the timing gear cover.

The introduction of the air cleaner on the long curved tube positioned at the front of the engine.

The change from the “ dry” rear roller to the oil bath type.


HELP ! Webb Witch with ribbed rollers, works backwards !!


It's driving me potty. All restored. Now taken apart 4 times to check large ribbed rollers and fittings. Cannot see a fault but when it's all back together it clicks nicely  cuts nicely ,blades rotate nicely BUT ONLY PULLING BACKWARDS. 

Turn it round I hear you say  but there's nothing to turn round !!



JP Super 16" date of manufacture?


Hi,  I have read the informative article on dating the JP Super however mine does not appear to follow the format shown.  It is definitely a 16" model and so the number  according to the article should start with an X (12" having no code letter).  Well mine just has a number, which is 173.  Any idea when it was made and why no X?

See picture below.  Anyone able to help? Rob.

Shanks Golf Lynx Manual? & Lubrication?


Hi,  I am new to this forum!  I have a Shanks Golf Lynx mower (16") that I purchased recently that mows but I want to restore and maintain correctly.  Does anyone know where I can view a manual for this model?  All of it would be useful to see but at present I am specifically trying to find out about correct lubrication.  There are a number of lubrication points and I want to know what the correct lubricants are.  I suspect that some (potentially all?) that look like grease nipples are in fact oil nipples.  Does anyone know?  

Ransomes Certes Oilers


I recently received a query about the correct "oil gun" to use with a Ransomes Certes hand mower. The correspondent asked what sort of oil gun should be used and which connector is required to work with the nipples and grease points on his particular machine. He has found some potential suppliers online although the costs of new oil guns appear to be rather high. Even so, there is a choice of connectors and he does not want to order the wrong item.

Atco Tecumseh engines


My current project is a Atco B14 deluxe which has Tecumseh engine which is American I believe,what I don’t understand is why it has British carburettor (Zenith) and a British ignition coil (Wipac)  Did Atco buy in incomplete engines for some reason?

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