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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

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Use this for general discussions on any theme related to old lawn mowers not covered in the other forums.

Greens Monitor

Hi folks. There is currently a Greens Monitor for sale on the Bay of E. It does not have a continuous bar handle and also has adjusting handles in a similar style to those used on JP models. I wondered if anyone might know what year this model of Greens mower was produced please......40s, 50s? Thanks for any replies. Cheers. Rob

Grass boxes wanted.

I'm after grassboxes for push mowers if anyone can help.

£10  ish plus postage would be good.


Webb whippet 10" blades  12" fitting.   TWO REQUIRED


Ransome Anglian  10" blades  13"  fitting. TWO REQUIRED






The renovation of my conquest is coming together, I'm not calling it a restoration, I can't really call any if my mowers restorations as I'm not bringing them back to "as new" I'm giving them a little tinker in my little garage, I'm enjoying taking them apart, finding out how they work, admiring the effort and skill all those years ago of the people and companies that produced these fabulous machines.

1952 atco light

Hi buddies I have inherited a 1952 Atco light 17” cut mower, but boot it needs a FULL restoration! At the moment I am trying to source a new spark plug for it, champion 8com but up till now no success Any ideas on good Atco spares dealers? 

Ransomes Leo Mk2

Travelled to Stockport to purchase a Ransomes Leo Mk2, It is in good shape and comes with a grass collector which requires the large dents to be hammered out to improve the shape, sadly no throw plate as often is the case, nevertheless it cuts well enough.   

I will improve on the name plaque with gold paint to highlight the lion and the lettering without removing the original paint, there is no need to do any restoration on the mower it self.

1980s ATCO Royale B24

Hello everyone. Glad to be here.

I have recently acquired a 60th Anniversary ATCO Royale B24. I have bought it for mowing as well as general interest in mucking about with it. I would really love to get hold of handbook for it though. 

It is H60-engined. I have serial numbers for the engine and chassis, but I am not sure how useful they are in working out the correct handbook. It is a little tempremental to start, and the clutch is a little fierce but I love it and would like to give it a service before I start relying on it. 

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