• Honda Reveals Oldest Motor Mower

    The Hall & Duck Trust has won a competition organised by Honda to find the UK's oldest working motor mower. The winning machine was the 1902 Ransomes motor mower that many club members know as "The Cadbury Machine".

    Andrew Hall and Michael Duck with the 1902 Ransomes motor mower and the prize Honda rotary.

    Club members Mike Duck and Andy Hall found the mower some years ago and restored it to working order and it's been to a number of events since. The prize for winning the competition was a brand new Honda rotary mower. They've been featured in a number of magazines and on the radio as a result. You can read more here on the BBC website here.

  • Fastest Lawn Mower Unveiled

    olcmember Tue, 19/01/2010

    Isn't this a wonderfully crazy and typically British project. Depite all the gloom created by politicians the British still have a genuis for eccentricity which cheers you up.

    Len Knight

    OK, so it's not very old but this should be interesting to any lawn mower enthusiasts. A team of British engineers is planning to break the land speed record for a lawn mower. You can read about them here and see a video of the speedy mower below:

    Or you can see a longer video about the project below: