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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Ladybird mower

 Have just acquired a truly wonderful little machine - the Ladybird Mower.

A style icon if there ever was one! - futuristic 'spaceship' look - aluminium castings with removable dome containing an electric motor with flymo type rotating blades in the underside cowling. At front and rear, located on 'leg' extensions to cowl casting are adjustable (for height) rollers. 


Have been onto google and the only reference I can find is an ad in an Australian newspaper from the mid 1950s so I presume it to be around that date.


Anyone know anything about my new little toy ?




hillsider Fri, 15/10/2010

Hello and welcome to the Old Lawnmower Club.

Re your Ladybird mower I have seen some information about them somewhere among my books,  I shall seek it out over the weekend and post some details here for you. It would be helpful if you can post a photo here just to confirm that it is what we think it is, evidently Flymo also produced a mower that they named the Ladybird.




ladybird Fri, 15/10/2010

 Thank you - i'll take a couple of snaps of her in the daylight tomorrow morning..........

ladybird Sat, 16/10/2010

 Snag - I have taken some photos but have no idea how to put them up on this site for you. Can email them to you if easier.

For the meanwhile the cast aluminium plate on side of mower reads thus -  THE 'Ladybird' MOWER

SERIAL No B 11284 Volts 200/250 AC or DC Watts 400 Amps 1.75  Speed 8500 RPM


ladybird Sat, 16/10/2010

 Thank you Ray - I've taken some photos BUT - how on earth do I get them up on this site?


Can email to you if that's easier.

hillsider Sun, 17/10/2010


I have found reference to the Ladybird Mower in the Old Lawnmower Club's Lawnmower Directory. The directory states that the Ladybird was produced from the late 1940's until the 1960's The mower was designed to run off  either AC or DC electricity. It was made to resemble a Ladybird and sold for 16 guineas in 1950.

The company also offered a 12" cylinder mower and bolt on electric conversion kits for many popular hand mowers. The owners of  the company are listed as the AMI Lawnmower Co of Whitcomb Street London.


ladybird Mon, 18/10/2010

 Thank you for that Ray - mine is serial no B11284 (one wonders were they commenced)


On the chassis plate it also states AC or DC - I have taken some photos of her BUT - how do I put them up on this site?

Keith Wootton Thu, 21/10/2010

Ray's right. The main Lady Bird was a small electric rotary mower. Here's an advert from 1955 or thereabouts.


But they also made a conversion kit for cylinder mowers. Here's a copy of the advert for that one.

hillsider Thu, 21/10/2010

Hello Ladybird,

If you open the forum guide lines at the top of the forum page there are some instructions on posting photos posted by Keith Wooton,  hopefully this will help you to post the pics for us to see. 

Re the chassis plate information the mower was designed to run on either AC or DC current.