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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Ransome Bent Cutter

Heres something a bit unusual, introduced by Ransomes in their 1906 brochure described as......

New "Bent" Cutter 

An entirely New Machine with Cutter of large diameter which enables it to deal with the longest and toughest 'bents'. Easy work for one man.

24 inches wide   Price £3 

Presently in bits for cleaning, treating & preseving as is due to the amount of original paint showing.

It must have been an awkward machine to use as it needs to be balanced at the right height to avoid the blades digging in.

In 1916 Ransomes introduced the No.2 'Adjustable', now referring to the earlier model as the No.1 'Fixed Type', 

The adjustable had height adjustment similar to other mowers, see catalogue images, although still described as easy work for one man, it appears to have a draw bar fitted, also had larger wheels. Interestingly in my 1915 brochure where only the original model was shown there is a hand written note in the margin 'Mention large "Bent" cutter' !

They appear to have been sold until the early 1930's.


Clive Gravett