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Acto Grass box holder



I have a Atco Royale B24 mower and grass box, however I dont have the bar that holds the grass box in place, does ayon know where I could buy one or whether its possible to make one fron cooper tubing?, if so what would be the method to fix it to the mower, thank you



wristpin Fri, 10/05/2013

Looks like it is still available  - about £20+vat. -from your local Atco cylinder mower dealer. Atco cylinder mowers are now made and sold by Allett  but the Atco brand name is now owned by GGP (Global Garden Products ) who also own the Stiga, Castel Garden and Mountfield brand names and sell a variety of walk behind and ride on machines badged Atco.

If you are handy with a pipe bender you may be able to make one but it would certainly be easier if you have a pattern to work from.. Otherwise try your local "mower breaker".

It is fixed to the machine with a couple of pegs that are part of it - you just flex the cradle and "spring" the pegs into holes in  the side plates of the mower chassis..

Dave C Fri, 10/05/2013

thanks for such a quick reply and useful info