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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers



Hi, I would like to ask a couple of questions about this mower. I gather she is a 30's deluxe.

I have noticed these engines refered to as "midgets". Most people refer to villiers engines with an alpha numeric term, as in 4a, 5c. Please could you advise the number of this engine so i can find futher reading.

I have only  found one picture on the web of this style of mower (and that was on the restoration pages on this site) can you advise of any other sources of info on this mower, please?

Thanks again, Andy

oldiron Tue, 22/06/2010

I would imagine the engine is a 6c,if you look around the base of the cyl head you should find it cast onto it. Nice project by the way.

Keith Wootton Wed, 23/06/2010

You are correct, it's a Deluxe which was the first new design produced by Atco after their original Atco Motor Mower (the one we now call the Standard). Quite a few of the components are common to both machines, including engine, petrol tank, starting handle, cutting cylinder, clutch and parts of the roller. This was a benefit to Atco as it simplified the service and maintenance they provided to customers and made it cheaper to manufacture the machines in the first place. 

As far as I know they were produced from 1931 to 1939 but not for all of these years in all of the sizes. Only the 12", 14" and 16" models had the Villiers engines which was a 147cc unit, often with the serial number prefix of SZ, BX or SZF. These were superseded by the Lightweight and Heavyweight models from 1935 onwards (those machines being the first Atco mowers with a kick start).

If you do ever get round to a restoration the club can supply a complete set of decals for this machine.

topgunhorse Fri, 25/06/2010

Thankyou for the comments. She runs really nicely save for the exhaust pipe which after 70 years is giving up the ghost. Can any of you recommend somewhere that could manufacture a new one. the bore is around 1", I've been wondering if I could fabricate one from copper tube, but loord knows where I'd start making the section which bolts on to the cylinder. I'm on the look out for a starting handle too, (starting it with a dewalt drill onto the flywheel at the mo. Is the starting handle similar to that used on any other type of engine? Thanks again, regards Andy

hdtrust Thu, 01/07/2010

The first Atco Deluxes came out in 1931 but were different to the photo shown having a vertical cylindrical tool box on the side of the mower,all deluxes had a patent applied to cover the slow running of the machines.The one in the photograph dates to 1938.

The 14" model also came as a Lightweight,with a ratchet chain in tube which was pushed by the operators foot.In the early part of 1931 some of the light weights still had a starting handle a throw back to the Standards,though they are hard to find to day.

There were also Middleweights and Heavy weights in the range,both these had steel cast front rollers