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Atco Deluxe 1970-ish

I'd be most grateful for some guidance as to where I can obtain a pair of new clutch plates for my recently-acquired Atco Deluxe with 17" blade. Sadly, one of those fitted is broken in two, and as a result the drive is 'somewhat sporadic'...

The model I have is fitted with the Suffolk 75G14 engine, and the clutch I'm referring to is the one which is on the engine's output shaft before it enters the triangular end case.

Any help would be most appreciated! :)



wristpin Tue, 25/06/2013

The part number that you want is F016L09491 which is unfortunately listed as obsolete so you are going to have to hunt around for a dealer with old stock or alternatively find a donor machine. A starting point could be the Mower Centre at Hailsham in E. Sussex - 01323 842477