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Atco Royale B20

Hi, I have an atco royale B20 purchased in 1990 which has snapped the clutch cable , it appears that you can no longer get a clutch cable , we have tried everywhere including internet . Does anyone know where I can get one or have one made ?


wristpin Wed, 14/05/2014

First need to establish which type of lever/cable you have. The original type was a chrome plated lever that was pulled up and latched to DISENGAGE the drive. The later ones had a black painted metal bar or bale running across the handlebar that was pulled up to ENGAGE the drive and had to be kept pulled up. The latter known as the OPC or Operator Presence Control. There is a third type, OPC plus a red engagement latch, but I don't think that this will apply to a 1990 machine.

Once you have identified the machine we can then research the availability of a cable but if it turns out to be unavailable off the shelf, OLC member John Cruse at will make you one either from his own pattern or your broken cable. In fact, contacting John may be the quickest route. 01323 842477

wristpin Wed, 14/05/2014

Think that John Cruse will be your best bet for that.

toddy Thu, 15/05/2014