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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Briggs & Stratton Wind up starter.

Ey up peeps. :)

Well, it's quiet at last, some time to catch up on a few things, do some more work on the website, etc.

Whilst doing so, I just remembered I've a hayterette that I'm doing up  as a gift for a contact of mine. I'm looking for one of the old wind up starters as used on the early 70's briggs vertical shaft engines. Would anyone happen to have one either as a spare or on an engine etc? I'm looking for this part as it reminds me of the first hayterette I fixed up as a young lad which had an early 70's B&S engine with the wind up starter mechanism. an exciting and interesting feature I like a lot.

if anyone here happens to have one laying around and happy to part with, please feel free to drop me an email at

Many thanks and a merry christmas to all.