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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Confirm identity please

Okay it's a Husqvarna but can anyone confirm that the model is correctly identified as a Dux Minor. If it isn't what is it ?

Anyway it's a very useful, practical tool, used regularly in conjunction with a Leo and a Flexa.

Regards, Colin


hillsider Mon, 04/03/2013

Hello Colin,

Your mower certainly looks like it is a Dux but it all seems to depend on the width of cut. The OLC directory states that the Dux Major was available in 12" & 14" widths and that the Minor was a smaller version but does not give the width. I shall dig out the one that I have tomorrow and check out the width of cut and post it here.



stonethemows Mon, 04/03/2013

Thanks for your interest Ray. The cutting width is 10". I think the model was originally identified on a little badge at the junctuion of the two short handles but this has long since disintegrated. I guess earlier machines would have had traditional wooden T handles ? Mine probably dates to the sixties so it's virtually a new machines by my standards !


hillsider Wed, 06/03/2013

I have dug out the Dux Minor from it's resting place and can confirm that it also a 10"cut. This mower is in good condition apart from the tyres, they are very perished and would stand up to much work.

stonethemows Wed, 06/03/2013

Thanks very much, Ray.

Re your perished tyres - you might try a liberal coating of linseed oil. It might sound a bit odd but I have found it effective on old rubber and hard plastic handles etc. It would be a pity not to be able to use your machine .