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The death of 2 stroke enginesWell...


That does it...

OK. it's been a long time coming and we know that engines of today have to follow certain guidelines but enough's enough...

Gone are the days of 2 stroke mower engines, even up to recent specifications used on VICTA and other machines. Those powerful and sexy sounding engines which deliver a great deal of versatility, performance and the ability to handle slopes.

Now-a-days, it's 4 stroke only engines which are speed limited, sound and fuel emissions limited because of EPA guidelines. Today's engines, though able to run, don't offer the power requirements that we used to be able to get from our machines.

Take as an example this morning. I was listening to 'Ideal World' and some fella demonstrating... of all things... a 4 stroke ryobi brush cutter. I've never heard something so horrible in my life. I'm horrified to think that today, 2 stroke brush cutters are becoming 4 stroke.. what's next? 4 stroke chainsaws..... somehow I don't think so.


I'd give anything at all for a victa 2 stroke commercial mower. I love the feel, sound and smell of those charming workhorses. either that or a decent 2 stroke rotary engine.

Anyway, sorry about that slight rant. I'm away from the workshop today after an upsetting day yesterday where a machine I had rebuilt, destroyed the recoil starter due to an incompetent service tech who wrecked a recoil starter on a valuable engine. Now I have to delay a sale, go to southport on an emergency visit for the replacement  parts needed.


Aled Sun, 22/07/2012

Don't watch those sort of channels much but I don't think I've really seen any outdoor power equipment of any reasonable quality on there, there is a lot of Ryobi crap which turns up on those shopping channels, not to mention stuff like Karcher and Flymo and endless other cheap stuff.

2 Strokes are defiantly the way forward for rotary mowers, although I would disagree that that is the case on cylinder mowers. Last year there was a guy selling 6 brand new Robin 4hp 2 stroke vertical shaft engines on eBay for something really low like £65 each. If I had the money at the time I would've bought one in an instant.


redfernmowers Mon, 23/07/2012

Got it in 1.

2 stroke engines on cylinder machines don't exactly do many favours but at the end of the day, the engine in it's full running state has to perform to drive all parts including drive gear, blades, even in some cases alternators to charge "Key start systems"

On a rotary mower, 2 stroke engines have that real something about them. they sound heavenly. If I could find some 2 stroke verticals, I'd take one or two for my own machine designs.

that said, I fancy a flymo contractor machine for a hire rig. between mum and I we're looking into doing local garden services to help elderly people who can't easily afford. so I'm picking up a wheeled trimmer, maybe keeping hold of the hayterette which will start it's assembly work today all being well.


wristpin Wed, 25/07/2012

Don't forget the Italian AS Motor range of 2-stroke emission compliant pedestrian rotaries . They even do a four wheel drive walk behind!