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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Excelsior Monarch motor mower

As you may know I purchased an Excelsior Monarch through Tony Hopword with  Villiers twin exhaust ports.  Is this rare, as the pamphlets I have looked at show only one exhaust port.

Dusty Miller

hillsider Sun, 12/12/2010

Hello Dusty,

I dont know too much about the subject but I have seen twin ported Villiers engines used in two man chainsaws, Teles Smith certainly used it it one of their machines. The ones that I have seen where a bit of a handful so I guess your mower will have a bit of power when you get it running.

Have you got information about the engine or are you looking for some? 

The link will take you to the saw that I had in mind


Ray Hogben.



oldiron Mon, 27/12/2010

R.E the twin exhaust port head, Its my thought that at some point down the line the original cylinder was damaged and replaced with whatever matched,in this case i would wager its a Villiers motorcycle cylinder head. I guess its twin exhaust ports your talking here?