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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

A Brace Of J&P Lawnmowers

I thought I would start another thread as I can't seem to upload the photos on my last post.

i have two early J&P cylinder mowers, an early pre war Maxees model and the rarer Major model with the serial number 71 stamped on it making it prewar too. 

Interestingly, the Major (on the right) is the smaller of the two models and in my opinion is better quality of the two models. Sadly I'd o not have the grass boxes for these two lawn mowers. If anyone got one please let me know. I am not sure whether to restore them to their former glory or to rejuvenate them as they are with their patina as I would like to use them to cut my lawn. Either way, they are safe here from the scrapman.  

Antbr123 Tue, 13/11/2018

Hi Triumph 66.

Nice find for the Major!  Not many of those around.  I have a JP Minor 11" dated 1932 which uses many of the same parts as the Major - this is likely to be a 12" however.  The box would probably have been wooden sided using 19 guage aluminium sheeting.  Henry Ellis and myself have been exchanging ideas around making a box for my own Minor.  I am speaking to Henry later this week and will see if he has a template for the Major box.  It would be identical to the Minor except 1" wider. Unfortunately, your later mower probably had a metal box. It looks like it is a 12" and if I come across one will let you know.

Regarding the Major - I will also check if it had 3 rollers at the front - I think it may have had 2 with a specific sized spacer separating - but being a 12" it is possible it had 3 rollers.  The Minor only had 2.


Triumph66 Tue, 13/11/2018

Hello Tony,

Many thanks for your feedback. In fact Clive put me onto Henry who will be posting me some templates for the Major grassbox. It was a stroke of good fortune as I decided to go to the tip that afternoon and as I drove past I espied the J&P mower. I very nearly drove on but curiosity got the better of me and I pulled over and had a quick look. Seeing that it was rolling freely and that the chap said £2 I snapped it up! I didn't know that the Major is a rarity in the J&P world so a double bonus. The Maxees I got out if a skip some 12 years ago for free.... 

I attach more information sent to me for others who might be interested.

The Major number looks like JR K(1937) and then there has to
be a letter from A to L to denote the month; I can see 71 but is there
another numeral before the 7 ?

The Maxees is the very first version pre-war; the serial number is (looking
from the front) to the right of the central adjusting knob in very small
letters/numerals starting with a G followed by 2 letters then some numerals
; you will need a magnifying glass in all probability !

You seem to have hit the jackpot as far as I am concerned as a JP nut, in
the sense that both these models are extremely uncommon and may even have
been made the same year.

On the Major do not try and turn the adjusting knob on the top right of the
mower (looking from the front) without first slackening the 2 nuts at each
end of the cross bar or you will damage the worm drive; I have seen so many
JP Minors of the same period with ruined worm drives and they are expensive
to replace.


Andrew aka Triumph66 

Antbr123 Wed, 14/11/2018

Interesting info.  And I am glad to have yet another JP nut.  I currently have 6.

I am currently researching making a home-made sheet metal bender (brake press) for folding the aluminium around the wooden box sides.  There are some interesting Youtube videos on this - but all require welding equipment .  The closest thickness to the original 19 guage I can find is 0.91mm - but it needs folding over the edge of the boxes 3/16th" and I think this is possible using a jig made from MDF with an aluminium strip added against which the aluminium sheet is folded.  Screwfix do some twisted nails which are pretty close to the originals used.  The box sides were 1/2" thick, 9 ply birch plywood.  Its expensive....and would probably need light staining before varnishing.


Now regarding the box brackets - A long term friend of mine is quoting making me 10 sets for the early JP Minor and I suspect the Major Brackets were the same.  If this is the case - then I may be able to help you with them - but I am awaiting on the quote.  Unfortunately I would have to charge you for them.  Henry and I have discussed the drawings in depth.  No drawing exists of the original brackets - but my friend may be able to produce an AutoCad drawing which would add to our collective records.. It appears that two drawings are likely to have existed - 1 for making the brackets and the second for showing the angle at which it is mounted on the box sides relative to the bottom of the box.  On the Minor it is 87 degrees.  Difficult to explain but you can contact me to discuss.



Triumph66 Wed, 14/11/2018

I would be very interested in a set of brackets and of course would be more than happy to pay for them.  I only have the two J&Ps but I can see me buying a few more but pre war ones to continue the theme that I have started by luck more than knowledge! Also I would be very interested in seeing how you produce the sheeting for the box. It would be good to have a potted history of each J&P model  produced. Also I would be interested in seeing some photos of your collection too.

I am really pleased that the Major have stirred a lot of interest and I am thinking because of its rarity to perhaps strip it down for a full restoration? What's your view on that?

I will email you my email address Tony.


Triumph66 Fri, 04/03/2022

I have reluctantly decided to sell these two rare JPs and would like them to go to an enthusiast. If anyone's interested, please leave a post below or message me. I am not looking for much but the Major is very hard to find and the early Pre War Maxees is too.