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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Dave Stanford - Collection

I saw in 'Grassbox' 114 that Dave's mower collection was being dispersed on the 5th and 26th of June and went along yesterday. I came home with a Ransomes Ripper, a Webb 2 Speed complete with the lawn edger attachment and an ATCO lawn edger. What a wonderful collection of mowers etc Dave had. So, if you are in the market for additional items to your collection, it really is well worth a visit, details in 'Grassbox' 114. What a lovely lady Brenda is and if you are reading this Brenda, thank you for your hospitality.

Best wishes to all and good hunting on the 26th June!





Clive1997 Mon, 07/06/2021

Excellent Rob, good that Dave's mowers are finding good homes & can still be seen and shared by us all. As to the Webb edger, I spent years hunting one of them down!!!. As said to new member Ed, Webb's can be a great make to collect.

RansomesRob Sat, 29/01/2022

Hi folks. Just a quick update on the Webb 2 Speed I acquired from Dave's collection. It was found to need a new Cutting Cylinder. I ordered a replacement from Garfitt's of Sheffield and this has now been fitted by John Gregory of The Old Lawnmower Company. John also overhauled the mower which I collected from him last weekend - BIG THANKS John!!  Very much looking forward to using it. Cheers. Rob