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Hello..... and Help!

Hello, new member here and straight in with a plea for advice/guidance!
Im currently working on a Qualcast Super Panther and I’m after some replacement cutting reel ball bearings/potentially a new housing with the felt  – can any one confirm thats correct and maybe point me in the right direction?

Ive pulled out the broken bearings but it really does seem like id be able to buy new ones and fit them without breaking them straight away.....
I have searched high and low on the Internet and i cant seem to find any advice for this or the replacement housing.


Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks all

wristpin Thu, 26/08/2021

Illustrated Parts list for Super Panther…

I hope that may be of use. The part numbers have probably be changed a couple of times but if you contact Jon Cruse of the Hailsham Mower Centre he will probably be able to recognise them.

It's years since I had one apart but I recollect that the ball races are slightly lighter weight that the similar looking ones used in the more recent machines but Jon will know. The seals look very similar to the ones used until recently on the Electric Punches  (Punch EP) but I cant cross reference it to confirm, but again, Jon Cruse is your man.

Edit. If ,in the meantime you want to get the machine up and running, I’d just stick the balls back in with plenty of thick grease and once assembled the cones will hold them in place in the cages.

DJD Fri, 03/09/2021

I've got plenty of new stock if you haven't already got fixed up, use my email address for enquiries.

TLLS Thu, 24/02/2022

Thanks both for your reply - Apologies for the delay, ive only just managed to log back in!

I'll reach out to JOn Cruse and see what he has, thank uyou and DJD - Can you please let me know how to get in contact also


TLLS Thu, 24/02/2022

The parts i need are as follows..


F016 L02 968 - Ball bearing

F016 T40 266 - Seal Ring

F016 A58 249 - Bearing Housing

F016 L02 969 - Washer


If anyone can help, id be over the moon!


DJD Sun, 27/02/2022

Hello, I've not been able to log in since the new set up was put in place due to a password problem, but if you haven't got fixed up yet I can look out what I still have for the Panther machines.

PS, I've sent you an email with pics of my parts, but looking again at yours I notice that the bearing carriers are cast iron I think, mine are aluminium so not sure if they'd fit?