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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Loyd motor sickle

Can anyoeanyone identify this please. Got a chance to acquire it, it's ropey but unusual

Lee Smallwood Sun, 25/08/2019

My father kindly bought it for me and squeezed it into the back of his new Mercedes, and just dropped it off, on further inspection, there is a makers badge "Vivian Loyd" (in the mower manufacturers section) made early 50s. 

Not in the best shape, came from the bakelite museum which current owners purchased and looks as if they are clearing out stock, 

On a brief look and play, got engine turning by hand, throttle cable snapped, pram wheels buggered, cutter belt missing and oodles of surface rust and no plug. Any help on the above items spark plug etc, very very welcome

Two projects to take care of first before I tackle this one. 

Clive1997 Sun, 25/08/2019

Hi Lee

A good find, we have one in the museum, re-stored by a late member of the club, brought it down from Scotland with some others, do have a brochure etc.


Lee Smallwood Sun, 25/08/2019

Hi Clive, any technical info in the brochure, belt length etc, i need to source wheels, drive belt, it had two engine versions, vertical shaft and horizontal, would assume belt length would be the same as it's adjusted via tension. Wouldn't mind a copy of the brochure if possible. Big in Australia when it first arrived there apparently.