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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

New to the site and mowers, few questions.

Hi folks, thoughts I would post a hello and introduce myself.

I have just picked up my first old mower, which I believe to be a Qualcast sixteen. Any way to tell the age?

I bought it from a well known auction site and the previous owner said that it hadn't been started for 25 years.

I have managed to get it started having re-soldered the fuel pipe and stuck some fuel in, but it needs a couple of bits.  It came with a new throttle cable but unfortunately not the old one as the screw adjuster is a different thread (looks metric).

I'm new to mowers but not to restoring machines I have two old Royal Enfields.

I was hoping to make up a throttle cable but cant without the screw adjuster, so where can I buy a cable from?

I also need a drive chain, if anyone can tell me the pitch easily I can source one, if not I'll measure up, again is there a recommended supplier?

I also need a side cover, the side that covered the clutch etc.  Are these getable or is there another model that uses the same side cover?  Same for the grass box, mine is missing.

Finally a question about the oil/fuel mix.  There is a lot on the net about this and I keep finding conflicting views; is it 16:1 and can modern (cheap) two stroke oil be used?  or is it SAE30 oil?

What spark plug should it use?


Many thanks and sorry for the questions on a first post.






wristpin Sun, 02/09/2018

There are a couple of club members who have either completed a working restoration of a Qualcast 16 or are in the process of doing so; may be they will get in touch.

Oil. Use a good quality "vintage two-stroke" mixing oil, such as offered by Millers or Morris Lubricants. Modern two stroke oils  are not right for old engines. You can use SAE 30 so long as it is non detergent as specified for vintage cars and not the  SAE 30 detergent "Mower Oil" sold for modern air cooled lawnmowers etc.

In the absence of any recommendation stamped into the tank cap or even a measuring cup attached to the underside of the cap, 16:1 is a safe measure. 

Clive1997 Mon, 03/09/2018

Hello Dave

By chance I am breaking a Qualcast 16 & I think I may have a spare box around & can also supply some of the other bits you need, will email you direct later.  

Davel831 Mon, 03/09/2018


        I have emailed you the parts list and user booklet, there are some great friendly people in this club who really do go out of their way to help. As you know i am in the process of restoring my 16, so if i can help anyway please email me.

regards Dave

Davedup Mon, 03/09/2018

Thanks Dave, very much appreciated.

Does seem like a great club!