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Ransomes reelcutter modification

Hi all.

I have a ransomes reel cutter cylinder mower and im wondering if I can modify it to become a flail mower for rough cutting.

I believe they did a flail version of the same machine. Is it just a case of making a robust drum on which to mount flail blades and making a steel cover to fully enclose the drum head?

Any thoughts gratefully received, 

Thanks Mick 

wristpin Sun, 10/10/2021

At one time it was called the Multi-mower with interchangeable reel and rotary ( not flail)  front ends. Over time Ransomes offered a couple of flail mowers but as far as I know they were dedicated machines and not adaptations of the Reel/ Multi-mower.

Mickwhitt Sun, 10/10/2021

I was wondering if the multicutter would have enough power to drive a flail bar. 

It should be a pretty easy modification to try, if it doesn't work then I can go back to the cylinder blade. 

I've written to a company that supplies flail blades and links for their view on how possible it would be.

Maybe I need to look out for a front end flail for my wheelhorse tractor. 


Ian H Wed, 20/10/2021

I expect flails will need to rotate considerably faster to work effectively as they rely on high tip speed for the cutting action rather than the scissor action of conventional blades.  Even if you can change the gearing/pulleys to get a suitable speed, and the engine has sufficient power, I suspect the bearings would not last long!