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Hi everyone,

Probably a silly Question, I have got hold of an einhell Rotavator which has been standing a long time (over 2 years going by the state of the carb which is today going to be sent to Jon Cruse.NOW my question is this When the machine start lever is pushed to fully forward to start position the choke Butterfly is pushed into an open position, I thought the "choke Butterfly would be closed for starting?? Am I right or wrong(It does say in manual harder to start in cold weather). Many thanks in advance.

wristpin Tue, 04/01/2022

Silly question, maybe? Are you confusing the choke and throttle butterflies ?  In fact does your carb even have a choke butterfly. The make and model of the engine and  and an iimage of the carb will help.

Fordson_Atco Wed, 12/01/2022

In my time tinkering with old engines one thing I've found constantly is that "some people" like to play and play with things they don't understand. If they get it to work, it's a result and it's fixed.

most of the time this is a bodge.

I've recently bought a Briggs and Stratton 5hp vertical  (130200), off eBay and that had a load of field bodges to keep it running. I'm currently on the last part of that problem now, but I'm all 3-4 different issues/ bodges where creating bad running or starting.

my Atco 11/36 also had issues, the main one being the throttle lever tied directly to the throttle butterfly and bypassing the governor.

Sorry to go on, pet hate of mine.

show us some pictures please.

wristpin Thu, 13/01/2022

Sorry to go on, pet hate of mine.

And one of mine  is any old rotary cultivator or tiller being described as a Rotavator ! The word Rotavator ( a palindrome) was a trade mark of the Howard company. 

( note to self “ must remember the N “ ). Sorry Adrian!

Adrian Thu, 13/01/2022

I think I can find it in myself to forgive you, especially as you've educated me on the word rotavator!

The only thing worse than trying to sort out other people's bodges is the realisation that you are going to have to swallow your pride and bodge it yourself.... Well, that's my experience, anyway.