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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Suffolk Super Punch Recommission

Hi All,

I am starting my first lawn mower recommission; a Suffolk Super Punch bought on eBay for £14.95. My father used to have a few Colts over the years and was looking for a project to work on over the Winter. Having now started, I think this one is not suitable for restoration but should be okay for a working recommissioning.

As bought:

Navarone Sat, 09/09/2017

The seller informed me that it had been running but wouldn't drive. He had put it to one side to work on but never got around to it. Looking at the general condition, I think it had been stood a while. There was an interesting array of eight-legged friends!

I thought I'd start with a brief look at the drive system. This was all cleaned up and new belt ordered.


Then, the chassis dismantled and rear roller and cutting cylinder removed. This is where things start to get interesting!


The bearings were knackered...



As were the dust seals:



So this is as far as I can go on the drivetrain whilst I await some bearings and source some new dust seals.

hortimech Sun, 10/09/2017

There is just one problem with your Suffolk Super Colt, it is actually a Super Punch ;-)

Navarone Sun, 10/09/2017

Oh, it was sold as a colt, and looked the same in the Colt manual. How do you tell the difference? 

hortimech Sun, 10/09/2017

Very easily, it has a microset adjuster for the front roller, the Super Colt doesn't have this, but the Super Punch does. If you want further proof, measure the width of cut, Super Colt is 12", Super Punch is 14"