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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

They’re still out there

I was having a discussion recently with a senior member of the club about the number of very old mowers turning up for auction or sale. Only a few years ago SM's or Parvos, Automatons etc could be found nearly every week in an auction somewhere. Recently the number has plummeted and we came to the conclusion that there is obviously a finite number of machines available as they are not made anymore. Occasionally collections such as Dave Stanford's sadly become available but undiscovered unknown machines seem to be hard to find. Another reason could be that us collectors now have the majority still in existence. However they do still turn up and it is so exciting and such a joy when they do. To me half the fun of collecting old mowers is the thrill of discovery and the chase. I have included some photos of an absolute beauty recently found with the help of another member.of the club. It's a 10 inch Greens Multum in Parvo rare chain drive model. It was bought without knowledge of the Grassbox, so you can imagine my surprise and delight when this huge bonus turned up with it. The mower is in astonishing condition and I propose  to do nothing in way of restoration. Enjoy the photos.


Triumph66 Sun, 15/08/2021

What a great find and absolutely amazing condition. Pleased you are not going to restore it as the patina is fabulous.