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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Well I never!! Man finds mower he had forgotten!

Definitely a sign of getting old, or, having too much stuff, or both!

I was trying to find something in the shed on Sunday, and found something I'd forgotten!  A Suffolk Super Colt!  As soon as I saw it I recalled it's origins!  I was perusing feepay, as you do, and was looking for a decent Super Colt, this one jumped out as having being "restored", was local (very unusual for me!!), and at a starting bid of £5!  So I bunged a bid of £25 on it from memory and actually was the only bidder, so it was mine for a fiver!  The restoration was rudimentary but it was original, had the grass box and will be easily bought upto a decent state, and at a fiver who's complaining!  Seller was not happy about it going for a fiver though, he said he's spent hours on it!

This must have been about 10 years ago and I had literally forgotten about it!

So I'll be sorting out the things I don't like, such as the fuel line, petrol tap and maybe repaint in the correct colours. Then I'll put it too occasional use!

I'll take a few images and post them up for what it's worth, not a rare mower but tricky to find in decent condition now and I like them!