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Help - Dennis Piston wanted

Hi to all.  I'm new to the club and hoping that I mind find some help with a Dennis Z mower I'm rebuilding.  I bought this 30" machine as a 'basket case' project that someone else had stripped down.  It'll be a bit of a puzzle, but as far as I can tell it's all there at least.  One problem has come to light however with the piston.  Unfortunately, this has a small piece broken out at the base where the lowest ring goes.  It could be useable with or without a ring, but I'd like to do it right if I can - So, anyone out there with a spare standard piston (85mm bore) ?

Might consider a complete engine if necessary.

Also, I have downloaded the operating manuals from the OLC site, but if there are any other service manuals or drawings  in existence that show the arrangement for example of the shims , felt washers etc that go on either the main drive roller or the cutting cylinder, that would be of great help.

Thanks in advance