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help Suffolk


I'd appreciate some help/advice with a SuffolkPunch/Colt? Engine number DR94099K with 14" blades.

Our problem is no spark. The odd thing is there is continuity across the C/Bs.Or at least we think its odd.

The machine semms to be in pretty fine fettle otherwise.






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Hello and welcome to the OLC Forum, re your lack of spark you may find that it returns if you clean the contact faces with a points file or fine abrasive cloth. This works for me most times but in case it doesn't remove the spark plug terminal from the end of the HT lead and check for a spark directly from the bared end of the lead as you turn over the engine. 

I have noticed the the points gap is quite critical on these engines so be sure to set the gap carefully, the points gap is normally marked on the flywheel.