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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

1964+ JP Super MK5 17" Power Mower Logo

Hello All,

Just acquired a very complete 1964 JP Super MK5 17" Power Mower. Clearly well maintained in the past, even came with the original carrier wheels and optional aluminium front rollers.  However, latterly it was left under a dripping roof with resultant rust to parts of the mower.  This has affected the transfer logos.


Does anyone have a good clear picture of the MK5 Logo on a mower they hold?  Picture must be strictly 90% to the plane of either the grass deflector or grass box.  I will then import into a photo editing program and doctor any minor the image does not have to be perfect.  From that I can create a water-slide transfer. The better the image, the less editing I have to do!

Grateful for any assistance.