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Atco 20 inch removal of the blade

Dear All,

              I hope you are all well, please excuse that daft question, but before i do this i thought i would just check to ensure i do not miss anything out. I have a old ATCO 20 inch ten blade, one of the blades has bent, obviously i hit something but for the life of me i cannot remember!

Is there a set procedure to remove the blade so i can send it off for repair and resharpen please.


Any help advice greatly appreciated.

kind regards Dave 


wristpin Sun, 28/03/2021

Remove the grass deflector/throw plate. Remove the chain case. Slacken - a couple of turns each- the bottom blade adjusting screws - two at each end tucked between the cutting cylinder and chassis side plates. Undo and remove large pivot  bolt at each end of the bottom blade carrier. Drop out bottom blade carrier - heavy.  Remove short drive chain to cylinder sprocket. Remove chain from cylinder sprocket to intermediate sprocket. Remove cylinder drive dog clutch spring and sprocket - note, the hex head adaptor pulls off , not unscrews. Undo three bolts with nuts holding the drive end cylinder bearing in place .  Slacken the slot head pinch  screw on the non drive end cylinder bearing carrier to allow the carrier to slide away from the RH chassis side plate. Remove the three hex head screws holding that carrier to the side plate and slide it away from the side plate. If it won’t move, don’t worry but moving it does create a bit of space to tilt the cylinder to drop it out.. 

Phew !  Cup of tea/ coffee time. Remove the bearings from each end of the cylinder. Note the position of the thin shim spacer between the bearings and the heavy dirt excluding washers.

That’s roughly it but those of us who have done it for a living will probably have a short cut or two but I won’t confuse the issue !



Davel831 Sun, 28/03/2021


              Thank you so much, and please forgive the silly question. I just wanted to ensure that i have a order of what to do.

Biscuits in the post to you , for your tea.


Kind regards Dave