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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Dennis history , please

I will be grateful if someone with Dennis knowledge can put rough dates against the following changes / features .

The change from individual handles to the connected pram  handle.

The change from the crank handle shaft passing through the oil tank and one crank position on the timing gear cover to the two crank positions on the timing gear cover.

The introduction of the air cleaner on the long curved tube positioned at the front of the engine.

The change from the “ dry” rear roller to the oil bath type.


Starter for ten. I’ve got an advert dated April 1934 showing individual handles and the cranking shaft passing through the oil tank.  24” £72, 30” £85, 36” £95 and trailer seat £6. 10 shillings. Less5% for cash. Carriage Paid to any railway station in Great Britain.