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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Hayter Twentyone 1985 (Osprey)

This machine (the Twentyone) is my workhorse for a couple of acres grassed rough bank; the only thing that is better is a flail mower. I have two issues to resolve at the moment.

1. After 'no mow May', I was cutting through 2ft grass and over the last few weeks I seem to have managed to get the grass wrapped around the rotary blade, to the extent that even after clearing as much as is possible with a hacksaw blade, the stiffness of rotation stops the engine from starting because of the friction between the drive belt and pulley. Before stripping it down, I wanted to find a diagram that showed the components of this part of the machine, but have been unable to find any diagrams for this mower. Any assistance much appreciated.

2. I noticed that of the front wheels was 'floppier' than usual and the red plastic cover on the inside of the wheel had become dislodged. On dismantling the wheel I found that there was only a bearing on one end of the axle, although both ends appear to have provision for bearings. Again, I have been unable to find a source of information to confirm or a supplier for such bearings. I think that the Hayter Osprey wheel assemblies are the same.