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Jap model 5 exhaust

Hello all, 

My father and myself are just finishing up with our ransomes mastiff mk 1 with a JAP model 5 engine. I was given the old exhaust for the machine when I bought it but is was in fairly poor condition and we attempted to salvage the exhaust. However it gave up this evening when we were testing the engine. 
We were looking to put on another pepper pot exhaust and I was looking for some advice/suggestions as to what would work best for this machine or is there another type of exhaust that would silence it better as the neighbours will be driven mad 



villiers98 Fri, 09/04/2021

Whilst a larger drum silencer would be quieter I recall these had a curved pipe with quite a modest pepperpot on the end .  A secondhand one from Villiers F12 MK 12 MK 10 would probably do depending on pipe size. Look at Stationaryengineparts site too.

DJD Sat, 10/04/2021

One picture expresses a thousand words as the saying goes, I think we all need to see exactly what you mean and require, please.