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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Ransome Meteor Mk 15

Firstly , my thanks to stonethemows for pointing me in the right direction, sound advice, and posting of queries on the forum on my behalf in my aim to restore to a decent running order (as a first step) a 1950's Ransomes Meteor Mk15 20" mower driven by a Villiers Midget Mk3, 2 stroke engine. (with the Villiers Junior carburettor fitted). Having now join the club, I am able to post my own comments, queries etc. directly. To those who have kindly responded to the queries posted on my behalf to date - thank you.

I have found it difficult to find anything in terms of the history/linage of the Mk15, which market it was originally intended for and how many were actually produced, in what period of time. The nearest machine I believe is the Mk2 or 4, which make's me wonder what happened to the Mk5 to Mk14 assuming these were produced?  Is anyone able to shine a light on this topic at all please?

In terms of parts list does anyone have access to or point me to an up to date on line publication please?


Clive1997 Sun, 01/08/2021

Welcome to the club, following our exchange of messages have sent parts list & some editorial bits. Some info below for others who may be interested.

Looks like the Meteor was launched in 1956 in 20 & 24in with two stroke engine & followed by the four stroke the following year 1957.

The Mark numbers followed the production of 20in mowers starting with Mk1 in the 1920's, so the first 20in Meteor would have been Mk15 with no previous models.


spanners Mon, 02/08/2021



As discussed, many thanks for your comments and the documents you have provided.