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Ransomes Ajax Mk3 -

Hi from a new member

I am restoring an Ajax Mk3, it has straight handles so I believe pre 1953. It was found buried in an overgrown hedge so has some issues and challenges to be overcome. Its missing the front wood rolls so if someone could give me the dimensions they could be made. Also the roll spindle and the height adjusting brackets are worn so these also need replacing. There are other issues like a badly corroded grass deflector and a missing grass box, or at least the one found was probably homemade from plywood and ally sheet and is falling apart.

Any assistance on spares or advice would be greatly appreciated.

many thanks





Clive1997 Mon, 09/08/2021

Hello Ken

Welcome to the club, I can help with box & probably the other bits required, did we chat recently? as I see you are just up the road.

Will send direct message.



KenG53 Tue, 10/08/2021

Hi Clive, thanks for the offer, I will contact you as suggested.

many thanks