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Suffolk Colt 6A Gaskets

Good evening all and thanks for letting me in!

I have recently purchased a Suffolk Colt 6A, the same model my grandfather had when I was a kid (and the first colt I've ever seen the same!). The previous owner estimated that it has been sitting now for around 20 years, and so I'm trying to get it going.

After an afternoons tinkering, many consultations of the owners manual,and many more visits to this site, I managed to restore spark and was then ready to turn my attention to refurbishing the carb.

I sourced a zenith 13TC carb repair kit and gaskets from villers, and a new fuel line from ebay, and set to work. But upon removing the carb last night I noticed the gaskets between the carb and the intake manifold (and I assume between the intake manifold and head) are fiborous. Assuming these are the original gaskets my questions are as follows: Do the gaskets contain asbestos? If so, how have you delt with replacing them safely in the past? Does the head gasket also contain asbestos?

Many thanks for the help, this website is a gold mine!


wristpin Tue, 22/09/2020

If they are original or period replacements , quite probably yes. The gaskets that we were buying in the 80s has Asbestos warning stickers.

Someone may give you cheaper and verse but I would don a face mask and scrape off any material that remains on the metal faces, damping with a trigger spray of water - no rotary wire brushes etc . 

Double bag the residue and dispose of it safely at the Council tip .

villiers98 Fri, 25/09/2020

Second that - they are asbestos but if not damaged can be re used normally. Also the head gasket if it remains stuck to one face and in one piece. Clutch shoes are also asbestos if originals - riveted on with copper rivets.

The mower looks in good condition bearing in mind with that tank it must be about 1960-63 ish