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Webb 14" info

I'm very new to this game, so forgive me for asking simple/silly questions. I have acquired a Webb 14" lawnmower and as a restoration project to keep me occupied during the next long six months as given to us by C-19.

I'm trying to get ANY information on the enclosed Webb lawnmower, other than the s/n, and it was made by Webb, I have no idea what model number, or age, this mower might be. If anyone could point me in the right direction for a parts manual/handbook for both the mower and the engine, I would be obliged. At the moment I've got it to run, and and cuts grass (of a sorts), however for certain I will need a couple pieces of tinware that have rusted away, along with some parts for the engine.

Any help welcomed.

Thanks for your help.



villiers98 Tue, 13/10/2020

This would have been made about 1984 I 'd guess and I think it was about the last mower to have the Webb name . By then it was part of Atco Qualcast and the engine is 114cc Atco unit . Probably some information in the books/brochures section of the site . Previous Webb mowers had used belt drive and Briggs and Stratton engines . Finding the tin parts may be a challenge- mechanical parts less so if common to Atcos

AlanY Wed, 14/10/2020

Thanks for the information. Anyone have anything else on what this might be, and a spares list?



hortimech Wed, 14/10/2020

More badge engineering, it is an Atco Commodore with different covers and handles. It is also not the last machine with the Webb name, there are rotaries and that awful take on the Qualcast superlite Panther with a plastic rear roller.

AlanY Wed, 14/10/2020

Thank you very much for the information. I've looked at the Atco Commodore parts lists and it does look very similar to my Webb 14" in many ways. The handle frames and fuel tank look different but I think you've hit it on the head with the part numbers for the mower itself.

My next challenge  is to try and source some tinware, eg the delivery plate, and the delivery plate extension, both of which has suffered with the test of time and are currently almost rusted away. Any suggestions as to anybody who can help with either new or good secondhand pieces?



Henno Wed, 14/10/2020

AlanY Thu, 15/10/2020

Hi Henno


thanks for that it is very helpful, much appreciated.

Alan Y

AlanY Wed, 17/02/2021

Came anyone help with a spare part for  a clutch cover for a Webb 14" mower my one is suffering from the metal moth. I'm advised its the same as an Atco 14 Commodore. If that is the case I believe the part number is L 101045?

Have you got one or know where I can buy one? I've looked on ebay but none on there at present :-(


AlanY Thu, 01/04/2021

I'm just getting around to refurbing this Webb mower, and there is a need for a few replacement rusted away bolts. Sadly i haven't got a set of thread gauges to check but  I believe them to be UNF bolts. Would that make sense, or have I got it wrong?