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Webb wasp restoration

as some would know, I have a late model Webb wasp I want to restore.

i spent a night pulling it apart so I can give it a real good clean, de-rust and repaint were required. However I facing my first stumbling block, well second, if you include pinching my palm and index finger between the cylinder and bed knife......lucky it was blunt. 

Anyway, my first of many questions is, how do I release the bearings from the cylinder so I can remove the fixing plate? I want to send the cylinder off for grinding and I assume they would need to be removed.


wristpin Sun, 22/11/2015

Couple of big tyre levers are my tools of choice but you need to protect the bearing seals etc. I've got a selection of large thick washers with  a section cut out that can be slipped between the bearing and the cylinder .  A good source of these is an agricultural store where they are sold for farm gate hinges etc.

Cox11 Sun, 22/11/2015

If I understand correctly, you force it off and the washer is simply providing mechanical protection to the bearing?

gtc Sun, 22/11/2015

Wh I click your Photobucket link this is the result:

Sorry, the requested page does not exist.

Please check the URL for correct spelling and capitalization.

wristpin Sun, 22/11/2015

Yes, with a  bit of practice  and care you can pivot the levers on the ends of the blades rather than the webs between them. 

The use of a two leg puller may seem more gentle and less likely to cause damage but in practice the design of the bearing carriers etc  can make it difficult or impossible to get a purchase.

Cox11 Sun, 22/11/2015


its odd that it doesnt work, as im inserting the image as i have on an other thread, which works fine

gtc Mon, 23/11/2015

Your decal thread contains an embedded image. The thread I refer to has what appears to be a link to an erroneous URL in it.

Maybe try the embedded image process again.


Cox11 Mon, 23/11/2015

GTC, you are correct, however I followed the same process, it shows the photo in the sample/preview box but when I click save it shows the image as a link

Cox11 Sun, 13/12/2015

So, my first full weekend of tinkering and I'm ready for assembly. Spot rusting has been removed, two coats of epoxy enamel has been applied to all parts (was able to get an exact match due to some clean existing parts), blade and bed knife ground and new decals obtained from an eBay merchant here in oz. 

I was going to begin the assembly tonight but given its 9:30 on Sunday evening and I'm sure I would not stop until it was complete.......I think it wise to stager the job over the next few nights

hillsider Sun, 13/12/2015

Very nice paint job and very wise not to rush the rebuilding process, it will be good to allow the paint to harden a while. 

Cox11 Sun, 13/12/2015

Thanks hillsider. Good point about the paint. Although dry, the paint is still a little soft. We have a few days of low to mid 30's so I might let the sun bake them

hillsider Mon, 14/12/2015

That sounds an excellent idea,

Re the temperature and sunshine we are currently much lower than 30 degrees and no sunshine over here!

Cox11 Mon, 14/12/2015

To put a lawn mowing spin on it, in the height of summer I am mowing my couch lawn twice per week

Cox11 Wed, 16/12/2015

It helps to to only have 50m2 to mow. But it is also the price you must pay to maintain couch looking perfect during a Melbourne summer

Cox11 Sun, 20/12/2015

I'm done !

i was going to coat the roller with cold gal paint but chose to keep something that showed the mowers age. Very happy with the way it turned out. Only negative was that dispute 3 consecutive days of 40 degrees the heavens opened up as soon as I was ready to take her for a spin. 


hillsider Sun, 20/12/2015

Good looking restoration there, I am sure that the rain did not upset things too much the paint would dry quite quickly in your sunshine.

Do you have another mower lined up for your next project?


Cox11 Sun, 20/12/2015

Haha, it's been tough enough justifying this one to both my wife and mother in law. Just tonight I was asked "you spent $100 on pain and consumables, why didn't you just by a new one". I don't think the two of them appreciated me insinuating that I would rather cut my lawn with scissors than use a $150 motor mower