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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Home Improvements.

With the good weather we've been having, I have found time to do a bit of landscaping in the garden.

This involved the purchase of some really fresh, good quality turf, that was only £1.44m².

I joked to my sweet heart that we ought to change the old carpet in the lounge for turf.

Her reply?

"Well at least you would have a use for all those bloody mowers!"

Clive1997 Wed, 24/08/2011

Your lucky at least you have some grass!!! I have to justify having xxx number of mowers & we dont even have a lawn !!!!

(xxx  =  12 or 30 depending on whos asking.)

p.s. I do have lots of grass at the golf club where I work though.

Aled Wed, 24/08/2011

You can grow plants and all that inside, why not lawn?

Just remember you'll pretty much have to water your floor and be cautious of any furniture changes since the grass would be parched/dead under there. ;)

topgunhorse Thu, 25/08/2011

I could save a fortune on fresh flowers too. Just by planting a rose bush next to the hearth!

Sorry to hear of your plight Clive, but I guess you're sick of the sight of it by the time you get home. smiley