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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Look what happens when the sun comes out!!!!

Hi everyone.

Well as the title implies it is/has been a lovely sunny day today here in Northamptonshire so i took full advantage of the situation by giving one of my "fleet" some love. She is a JP Super Simplex in complete and full working order. I got her last year derelict,siezed,multicolured but complete. I had it running about a day or 2 after freeing off a very very siezed engine and amazingly still has the same beat up piston and rings inside (bad practice for an engine builder but hey ho,it works) The machine was used all last summer and provides a cut like nothing else i have seen in my short time in this hobby. Last week she came out to play and afterwards i started to tinker/service here. The multi coloured handles were really starting to bug me so i found some olive green paint on the famous auction site and it arrived today so that was all the persuassion i needed to get into the back yard and have at it with the brush. In the pictures she is without the fuel tank,levers,grips etc but when its all dry it will be back together and i will post some pics. The grassbox also got some love too and i think a set of decals from the club maybe next.   Come on guys and gals get some more of your projects and photos up, I look forward to any replies


hillsider Thu, 24/03/2011

Hi, your JP has polished up well and still able to earn its keep so that must be a bonus. Re your closing comment it would good to see a few more projects posted,  maybe now that the 2011 rally season is about to start there could be some reports of activity in that direction also.

We have also had good weather here in East Kent,  I am currently trying to catch up with work in my garden and repairs to friends mowers etc so my old mowers are taking the back seat at the moment (again) but then I have always said that they will be my retirement project. 


oldiron Thu, 31/03/2011

Well she came out again today to do some work with here newly  painted handles,grassbox and touch ups here and there. To help my hands survive a little better she now has new handle grips courtesy of some unsuspecting mop buckets,but thats a secret