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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Manual for JP Maxees 12

Hi All

Can anybody provide me with a photo copy or a scan they could e-mail me of a manual for the above mower.I have a manual but its not correct for my model.I have been in touch with the JP expert but he is unable to help and any help would be much appricated.

Many thanks Ian


bandie Wed, 27/07/2011

I have scanned a copy of the 'Instructions to the user' manual for this machine.  Not sure if that is exactly what you are looking for as it is only 8 pages of just basic adjustments along with part numbers.  If you would like it please let me know.  I have joined this club in order to reply to your request but I cannot find a means of including the scanned pages into this reply.   Regards Mick.

olcadmin Thu, 28/07/2011

Many thanks Mick. Unfortunately the site doesn't support files as attachments to specific pages or topics at the moment. However, if you email it to me I can add it to the site in a different way as part of the operating manuals section.