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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Mower paint codes

Hello, I have been trying unsuccessfully to locate the pages that contain information on paint colours and codes for mowers in order to check the green used on Qualcast side wheel mowers. Has this info still to make the journey over from the old site? Reason for looking is that I now have a Qualcast Model `H' and under the grime is what seems to be a rather smart paint job with the chassis and cylinder painted gold along with the wheel centres and outers also in gold. the main body of the wheels and the handle brackets are green with the letters etc picked out in gold. Any info gratefully received? 



olcadmin Fri, 02/07/2010

Yes, this and the information about engine settings still waiting to go on site. It's a technical issue that I'm still trying to address but will hopefully solve when I have time.

hillsider Fri, 02/07/2010

Tha'ts ok, I hoped that might be the case and not just me looking in all the wrong places. It must be a major undertaking to set up and maintain a site such as this.

Thanks for the reply