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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

My new "job lot" of mowers

I know these are too new for most people (and me) ... but just wanted to show you my latest purchase of mowers.

These will be tinkered with and sold on to fund the ever growing collection of older mowers !  smiley


1x Atco lightweight - 1x Suffolk Colt - 1x Suffolk Punch - 1x Atco Commodore - 1x Ransomes Marquis.

2x Atco things (not sure what they are yet, the ones behind the commodore in the second photo)

2x 24" webb ride on mowers with seats - Plus 1x JP Push Mower from 1925 and 1x Atco Middleweight 

(last two not in the photo's as they were still in the van)



That should keep me busy !!!!


Mike (southampton)


redfernmowers Wed, 01/08/2012

sounds like quite a stock there.. shame I'm too far away. I'd offer to give you a hand if you need it. have a little time free coming up after a commission job and tidying up the workshop so that stock can leave.