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Need to Identify this vintage (Push) Reel Mower

Good day all!

Looking to identify a vintage Push Reel Mower that I purchased recently (here in the US).  From what I can tell, it definitely needs a sharpening and possibly some lubrication in some of the gearing, however, not much.  It works just fine as it is, but the blades are very dull.

Was wondering if anyone could provide any insight on the year/make/model if possible from my shoddy photography skills.  Hopefully I can get this thing reconditioned for a reasonable amount of money.

I used some steel wool to knock of as much surface rust as possible from the handle and some of the reel mower.  The company name on the handle is not legible, but the rubber handle grips have some raised lettering that says Hungerford (Rockaway, NJ).  I assume this was a company that manufactured handles in the US.

Further, if this is a common model and I can find spare parts, kits, tools, etc that would allow me to get to the finish line just the same, that will work as well.  Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

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