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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

New Member ... Hello to everyone ... the collection has started

Hi all, my name is Mike, I'm from Southampton ... and apparently just starting my mid-life crisis smiley !

I've always been into anything old, mainly cars and currently have a 1959 Chevy pick up.

Anyway, the mower thing....... It all started a few months back, when I bumped into an old school friend who was into stationary engines in a big way ....  I'd always wanted one since i was a kid, and thought now is the time, ... so after some hunting around, I found a nice 1950's lister B (that spent its whole life indoors at Cardiff water works, opening and closing the sluice gates) and then purchased a rare Joseph Evans water pump ..... (I'll cut to the chase now)

So, with my new hobby of stationary engines in the side way awaiting restoration, and with the "vintage" bug firmly in place, I decided to go to the "great Dorset steam fair" with some friends.

I'd not been to a steam or vintage rally since i was young lad....(as most shows i normally go to are car, or hot rod type shows) .... when I was there however, what caught my eye, was not the stationary engine display ... it was a tent, with a lovely collection of vintage mowers in, ... i found myself coming back to it several times during the day .... and thought, now theres a hobby !

I've jumped in with both feet and now own the following 6 mowers .... and will be posting some questions soon, as its still all pretty new to me, so any help in future posts would be greatly appreciated !

1922 Atco Standard - 16", .. which I'm currently half way through a full restoration.

1928 Atco HY - 12" .. which has been restored, and runs like a clock !

1930's Atco lightweight, with the normal type kick start, which needs work

1936 Atco (middle weight I think) .. with the horizontal type kick start.

and two 1930's or 1940's (i think) ransomes mowers, a mark 2 and a Mark 11. (both need small amount of work)

I can pop some pictures up if anybody would like to see them ...


Anyway, all the best everybody, ... hope to see some of you at the shows next year !

Mike smiley






topgunhorse Tue, 08/11/2011

Hi Mike, well you seem to have jumped in with both feet, I'm sure your partner is delighted!

I can say "snap" to at least 3 of them. There should be plenty of info on this site to solve most problems. Parts are usually available, but a lot of people think they are made of solid gold, the price they want to charge you!

Best of luck. Happy mowing!


olcadmin Wed, 09/11/2011


Please do post some images, I'm sure other members and site visitors will be pleased to see them. There are some basic instructions elsewhere on the forum (see guidelines section).