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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

newbie intro

hello to all my names jay {as my user name suggests} i've just joined this site after recently aquiring not one but two atco standards, not only are they my first "vintage" mower restorations but my first mowers full stop! and i must confess apart from being curious my only reason for aquiring them was because of the two stroke motors as i  am a huge two stroke fan and after coaxing one into life i bought them from a friend who wanted to weigh them in as scrap. i have found this site most useful so far and hope to contribute aswell as having a few questions answered thanks j


olcadmin Tue, 25/09/2012


Welcome to the forum. It would be great if you could post an image or two of your new mowers.

Mike Tue, 25/09/2012

Hi Jay, join the club !    ... I started with a pair of Atco Standards about a year ago ... and have bought many mowers since, I dont know what it is about them, I currently have 14 different mowers ...  I've restored my two Standards so I may be able to help when it comes to your resto's ... but most people on here know more than me :) . ... I'm still learning. ... if I can help I will.


All the best

Mike (southampton)

atcojay Wed, 26/09/2012

here they are minus tanks, the one on the left is a v1-c   (mark 6?) and has the designated H although there seems to be a T on the other side? this mower has the running engine and a villiers carb, i decoked the barrel and piston, stripped and cleaned the carb then set the timing which was way off and with some fresh pre-mix it fired immediately and pulled smooth right through the rev range. the one on the right is also a v1-c but has no H only a serial number on the transfer port, i have noticed that the crancase is smaller than the other engine, maybe a shorter stroke? smaller cc?it has a senspray carb but the cables are broken, also as you can see the clutch plates are larger on this mower, its also missing two blades off the fan and its tool and grass box's. i havent looked at getting it going yet as i've started stripping the one on the left. i have some more pictures to come soon. j

Mike Thu, 27/09/2012

Make sure you take lots of pictures and lable every bit on the strip down, ... lots of the frame tubes are very similar in length, .... if you dont get it right it wont go back together ...

All those bits of white paper are lables ....  I did everything, I thought, and I still got stuck, not only can some bits fit perfectly in the wrong places, but bits can be assembled back to front, and upside down ..... this causes lots of head scratching :)