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Old parts

Hi guys,

I have a Yamaha YLM 435 i've owned it for over twenty years with hardly any problems, but now the pullcord mechanism is defunked. I need to find some parts but that is'nt so easy and it's a shame to scrap it just because of this.

I am still managing to use it but I have to re-wind the cord by hand to start it which is a bit of a pain.

Does anyone know where I can find some parts?





hillsider Tue, 07/09/2010

Hello and wellcome to the Old Lawn Mower Club, 

There a couple of links in the club information section marked `links' to companies that specialise in parts for older mowers. Failing that I have found this company that seems to be a Yamaha stockist so they may be worth contacting.

From your description it seems that the recoil spring has either become detached or has broken in the recoil housing.

Good luck


roythegrass Thu, 09/09/2010

There are good points and bad points with ebay. On the plus side just about anything will eventually be listed. They have a facility whereby you can record a brief description for a specific item you're looking for and when there's a listing using the same or similar words you will automatically be notified by email. Worth a try but be prepared to wait !  Apologies if you already knew this.