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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

push mower

Dear all
I have recently been clearing out my mother's shed and came across my dad's old push mower, which I believe belonged to his father before him. It is possible that this dates from the 1920's onwards, but I have to admit my ignorance and it may well be significantly later.

I'm afraid it is in VERY poor condition, but before I take it to the tip, I wondered if anyone here would be interested (free of charge). I have a couple of photos, but am a bit of a technophobe, so don't know if it's possible to attach them to a post or not.

If anyone's interested and knows how, let me know before the Easter weekend


hillsider Tue, 19/04/2011

Hello and welcome to the OLC forum.

Re the push mower that you have found there are some instructions for posting images in the forum guidelines section,  if you would like to have ago at posting us a couple of images it would be a great help.

Where are you / the mower located?



rob Tue, 19/04/2011

thanks ray. i'll give that a try now

the mower and i are in south oxfordshire (berkshire as was)




rob Tue, 19/04/2011

right. tried that

unfortunately when i follow the instructions, the dialogue box just displays a load of latin, and there doesn't appear to be a "browse server" button as suggested

sorry, i really am a dunce when it comes to computers

i'll try e-mailing them to the contact address on the website



brummy_joe Tue, 19/04/2011

Hi Rob,

the mower does sound like the sort of thing I'd be interested in as I only collect pre war push mowers. I look forward to seeing the pictures and finding out a little bit more about the mower. Please bear me in mind when you get a flurry of replies.

Thank you for being kind enough, and foresighted enough, to offer your father's mower here.


rob Tue, 19/04/2011

hello joe

(note the question mark - i'm not at all sure it IS that old, but pre-war is a definite possibility)

i'm afraid i still don't seem to be able to attach a photo, will try again tomorrow




hillsider Wed, 20/04/2011


Well those photos worked ok and now we can see that the mower you have is a Qualcast Panther, there is a history and more information if you look at the Mower Profile section of this forum..

 MP047: Qualcast Panther

These are quite a common mower but could still be welcomed by someone starting a collection.



rob Thu, 21/04/2011

Thanks Ray

Interesting to find out some more about it. He also used to have a Suffolk Punch (which I'm afraid my brother threw out some time ago), which I note was also a big seller in its day. Dad obviously liked to follow current trends when it came to his garden.

I'll keep hold of the Panther for a week or so in case anyone is interested.

Much obliged