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Qualcast Suffolk Engine

Hi Guys,

Just wondering if anybody has any information regarding a Qualcast Suffolk Engine - Model 15A Type 75G14 lawnmower? My father has owned it for may years (Approx 20) and its just "sitting" in the garage.Sadly he passed away 4 years ago, and i failed to ask where and when he came to own it. A local man is inquiring to purchase it, I've no idea where to start!  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

topgunhorse Sun, 18/03/2012

This may be of interest to you. There are several videos, if you type in "Model 15A Type 75G14 lawnmower" or variations thereof.

Hope this points you in the right direction. Good luck Andy

Cqeith Sun, 18/03/2012

Thanks Andy,

I'll try just that...Would you have any idea on a start price for such a lawnmower?