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Qualcast Suffolk Engine - Servicing Tips

I have just bought a Qualcast Cultimatic Super Rotavator (I realise this is a lawnmower forum and I hope you excuse me posting this here) with a Suffolk 98cc engine. I wonder if anyone can give me some help with servicing tips please?


hillsider Wed, 04/05/2011

Hello and welcome to the Old Lawnmower Club,

Re your Qualcast rotavator engine there is a copy of a handbook for a Suffolk mower that uses the same engine as I believe you may have on this site. If you follow the link you should go to the location of the manual.

Also the spark plug is a Champion CJ 8 if I remember correctly set at 0.020 - 0.025.

The correct oil for the engine is a monograde SAE 30.

Hope this information is helpful to you, if it helps to keep your machine running then we are happy to help even though it is not a mower it is worth preserving.