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Qualcast suffolk punch 43DL pumping oil from engine block

Good morning all

I'm a new member and was looking for some help & advice with regards to a qualcast suffolk punch 43 DL that I have just been given. The mower in question starts first time after I replaced the spark plug and fuel line and tap . My only concern is that it seems to pump out its oil through a hole situated just behind the carb and exhaust...

I've tried to find an old workshop manual to see if im missing a part but I've not had any luck I'm hoping that someone can either tell me the part I need or where I can get a PDF version of the manual

Sorry I can't seem to add a picture to this post to aid you

Many thanks in advance



hortimech Thu, 30/05/2013

The oil is coming out of the breather, so two things spring to mind, this could be caused by either too much oil in the engine ( it only holds 1/2 pint) or the oil is too thin, it uses SAE 30 not a multigrade 10w30 or similar. I would suggest starting by changing the oil.


Thesaurus Thu, 30/05/2013

Many thanks hortimech

I've just gone and changed the oil there was almost a pint in there!!! Just waiting for the rain to stop so I can fire her up fingers crossed no further hitches

DJD Mon, 25/01/2021

I went out to a 17 inch DL43 colt about twenty years ago, I'd been servicing and repairing it for about a decade already, owner really needed a much bigger heavier machine for his roughly half acre grass area, he seemed a bit upset on the 'phone, or rather his wife was on his behalf!

He couldn't wait for me to get to his machine and had 'serviced' it himself, she said, "engine won't move at all" I was expecting to have to find a used spare engine to put into it, but upon opening the oil filler, it poured out!

I took about a pint and a half out of it, when I next saw him he explained how he drove to nearest car shop and bought a gallon of GTX, then tipped the mower right back and used a funnel to "fill it right up"!!!

Engine was hydraulically locked solid. So much for saving time and money.