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Ransomes Atlas/Ajax spares

Hi, I have aRansomes Ajax mower which I have been using on and off for 50 years and it still cuts as well as when I bought it for £12.50 round about 1960. Unfortunately the gear train is now showing serious signs of wear and misses a tooth every so often! Is there any source of these gears? I did manage to replace them once many years ago but the source seems to have dried up.

I also have a Ransomes Atlas Mk1 that was my father's, in bits at present but restorable. Is there a source of nuts and bots for these machines or are they standard Whitworth threads? I particularly will need the 4 countersulk short screws that hold the bottom cutting blade on to it's support piece (once I have managed to remove the originals, seriously rusted in!) I would also like to know a source of the authentic red and green paint or something equivalent. Any advice welcomed. Thanks, GJohnB



hillsider Sat, 04/09/2010

Hello and welcome to the Old Lawnmower Club,

Re spare parts for your Ajax there are some links in the club information section of this site to some folk who are club members that may be able to help. Failing that keep your eyes open on Ebay for one for sale you can then utilise parts to keep your machine cutting for a few more years. If you post which mark of Ajax you have I may be able to find a copy of the hand book and parts list to send you - unless you have one already that is.


robin coleman Fri, 15/04/2022

i am after an ajax mark 4 mark parts list as i need some roller holders,And i would like to know what tools came with it



wristpin Sat, 16/04/2022

The easier bit - there are several suppliers of nuts and bolts for vintage machinery - BSF, BSW and the even rarer such as Cycle thread. Namrick, to name just one.  I’m fairly certain that the bottom blade screws are BSW and any proper mower repairer will have them. 

The drive gears. As per Hillsider’s post, you will probably need to find a donor machine. There’s still a steady supply on auction sites and even at local salerooms.